“With his help, the whole cancer treatment was without any difficulties, complications, and side effects that other patients who were not treated by MUDr. Lužbeták experienced,”

Thanks to the expertise, constant care and professionality of MUDr. Lužbeták, I overcame a serious oncological disease. With his help, the whole cancer treatment was without any difficulties, complications, and side effects that other patients who were not treated by MUDr. Lužbeták experienced. He managed the entire process of oncological treatment. During the whole treatment, I did not notice any weight loss. On the contrary, I retained my full appetite and comparable energy for training activities equal to before the disease.

MUDr. Lužbeták was fully available to me throughout the treatment period (even during an emergency caused by the spread of COVID-19).

My heartfelt thanks for saving my life, for your help, support and I wish you much success in your work and personal life.

Mr. Pall, cancer survivor

“I can only speak about this doctor in superlatives! It is a very pleasant feeling to be given hope while the others have already given up on me”

MUDr. Lužbeták approach is very professional, but at the same time friendly. My health consulted regularly, was interested in all the details, and tried to find ways to help me with my diagnosis – ALS. He always encourages me and communication with him is seamless.

I experienced no waiting time. I choose the appointment dates myself and we always agree. He is willing to support in every direction; he organised for me a stem cell treatment in Munich; during the coronavirus pandemic he sent me medicines by courier to Slovakia.

He does not make any rash decisions; he examines everything in detail and seeks solutions. In addition, the practice is well-equipped, in which a person does not feel as cold as in ordinary surgery and does not feel stress during the examination.

I can only speak about this doctor in superlatives! It is a very pleasant feeling to be given hope while others have already given up on me.

Mrs. Rusnakova, ALS patient

“The uniqueness of treatment with MUDr. Lužbeták is a strict individual approach to treatment,”

I have been treated by MUDr. Lužbeták from 9/2016 until today (8/2020). My experience has been very positive and I want to share as much as possible with as much detail (maybe a lot, because I am a scientifically educated biochemist and therefore I enjoy it), because I am convinced that this is what oncology should look like at its best.

The uniqueness of treatment with MUDr. Lužbeták is a strictly individual approach to treatment. Fortunately, today there is a whole range of methods that map the characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of a given tumor, even from the blood (although a biopsy is ideal). Today we can read from the genetic makeup of the tumor, its metabolism, as well as can find (often) its main mutation, defense mechanisms, sensitivity / resistance to various chemotherapeutics, the ability of tumor and cancer cells in the blood to form metastases, intensity and type of metabolism of the tumor, etc. Thus, we can determine the optimal treatment.

The approach of MUDr. Lužbeták is to maximize treatments: he uses all the “weapons” available and does not stop to think about other possibilities, even if it sometimes seems to be details. In any case, the quality of life, both during treatment and at home afterward, is a very important criterion for him. I cannot emphasize this enough, especially when I compare it with stories from practice in typical hospitals, where one can end up if they do not choose a more proactive approach to their treatment and doesn’t search for a doctor with a different approach.

One other thing is that Martin cooperates with the best in the field who deal with special methods, consults with the world’s leading experts in the field / type of tumor / type of mutation. He does not hesitate to send dozens of e-mails to the authors of studies on a given topic / area asking for advice on the next course of treatment / examination, if he is not sure himself. I experienced seven same day replies to an e-mail sent on Friday afternoon and another twenty-one on Saturday. I hadn’t experienced similar efforts in hospitals. And not even such collegiality in Slovakia. Less common methods of direct treatment such as the use of laser light in combination with an active photosensitizer that can physically disrupt the tumor is also in its portfolio. The range of methods and the “use all weapons” principle is really unique and I believe it contributed to the success of my treatment. Another example is active assistance in arranging examinations and, in particular, finding experts for larger (e.g. operations) throughout Europe. I experienced this personally and I am very grateful for his outreach to Prof. Exner from Zurich.

I can highly recommend the treatment by MUDr. Martin Lužbeták to everyone who cares about his/her own health.

Mr. Porubský, cancer patient

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